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Pelosi – ‘One Way or Another,’ Trump Will Not Be President in Ten Months


Nancy Pelosi, the titular head of the DC Democrat cabal is making promises. That Donald Trump will not be president in 2021, maybe sooner, “one way or another.” Is that like saying Nancy Pelosi won’t be the House Speaker in 2021, one way or another?

What do you mean by that, Steve? It sounds ominous. Are you threatening an elected official? I don’t know, is that what Frau Pelosi is doing? I’m guessing it’s not, so I claim the same deep-state dispensation. No penance, no punishment. You’re reading it wrong; taking it out of context.

And if the rhetoric is good enough for Democrats, it’s good enough for us. A vital maxim to consider in the context of the still to be heard (as in hearing) for HB1159 (not to be confused with a different anti-free speech bill, HB1157).

What is online bullying or harassment? Is it this, or this? Or how about this?

As with all ideas that originate from the left, it depends on who you ask, who is giving, and who is receiving. And if that isn’t a reason to vote for anyone but a Democrat, what sort of warnings do you need?

How about a weaponized deep state intelligence apparatus with the full force of the federal government spying on political opponents? Building up files or “dossiers” or setting traps to spring should they feel the need to shut someone down, lock them up, or remove them from office?

Well, you’re in luck. The Obama administration did that for years, and we’ve been watching The Swamp’s tantrum for three years, culminating in the remarks of Frau Pelosi.

No one wins unless we say they do, Constitutions or constituents be damned.

And if you let the Left get away with it, you will. Be Damned.