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Another Concord School District Scandal But It’s Not the One They Think It Is

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Concord has another controversy to chew on but not the one they think. The School board just appointed an interim Superintendent, Kathleen Murphy, after the Howie Leung incident knocked the previous one from her perch (Look here to get caught up). But the temp is said to have baggage of their own.

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The weighty problem involves a family with a minority student from the candidate’s previous assignment in Hampton. They removed their daughter from school over incidents of racial bullying. 

I’m sure there was bullying. I’ve related my own experience with public schools on the matter. And we’ve reported on the bullying train wreck in Nashua. Public Schools are almost incapable of getting this right. But that’s probably not the thing Concord parents need to fear.

It’s the culture that created a different sort of bullying.  One you can find in part of Ms. Murphy’s response to questions about the situation in Hampton.

“We’ve discovered that its really about implicit bias,” Murphy said. “Our teachers, they do what they always do, they’re nurturers, they help provide the support systems, but I think in some cases we have all learned about our own implicit biases.”

Implicit bias is an unconsciously held set of associations about a particular group.  Psychology Today explains it as, “influence in a systematic manner (i.e., you are biased) by elements in your environment (e.g., the skin color of the applicant) even though you did not intend to be influenced and were focusing on other things (i.e., it happened implicitly).”

In other words, you didn’t mean to be a racist sexist tool, but you were. And the same people who labeled this “human flaw” implicit bias believe they can socially re-engineer it out of us through the lens of their own implicit and explicit bias. 

Bullying it out, if you catch my drift.

To give it some imagery they want to put their Mao suit on your subconscious so that your conscious will wear it everywhere else it goes. All while deliberately creating factions and isolating us from each other with identity politics.

And that leads us to the real scandal; everyone involved is convinced they know better and if you balk at the ever-expanding budget, policies, enforcement, psyops, or the curriculum they choose to advance their agenda they will accuse you of explicit bias. They may even stoop to calling you a racist.

And that is not limited to the Concord School System.

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