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Who is Killing the Public Schools?

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There seems to be a common goal among parents on what makes a good public school. For instance, they want a quality academic program, a safe environment for their children, and parenting left to the parents. It’s not a difficult recipe, and it’s one that we’ve used in the past.

In general, most parents want their kids in the local public schools. They want their children to enjoy their time while learning. Unfortunately, so much of what has been happening over the last decade (or longer) has driven parents to pull their kids out of the public schools and seek alternatives. So who is killing the public schools?

Let’s start with the academic content. In 2010 Common Core was introduced by President Obama, and a few years later, the Next Generation Science Standards. Many parents objected to the obvious dumbing down, but progressive bureaucrats and legislators mocked and ignored them.

In New Hampshire, we saw this become political and split down party lines. Democrats fought to keep Common Core and NGSS, and the Republicans stood with the parents.

Eventually, New Hampshire legislators passed a law down party lines that placed this important decision in the hands of local school administrators. Unfortunately, they’ve failed to make substantive improvements, leaving parents to look elsewhere.

We can go back even further and see how public schools became the avenue for addressing societal ills. Public schools were charged with teaching children sex ed and drug and alcohol abuse. Some of it was so radicalized than those who held religious values were mocked, ignored, and marginalized.

These are important issues, but providing a one-size-fits-all approach that cuts parents out of the picture essentially says that they know better than parents. Parents who wanted to parent their own children were left to look elsewhere.

Bad behavior and bullying are bigger problems now because the focus is on keeping kids in school no matter how bad they behave. Instead of removing predators and bullies, they remain in schools. Parents who want their children to be safe have to look elsewhere.

Public schools are now treating the mental health crisis too. If schools are going to deal with every other societal issue, why not add a child’s mental health to that list? Forget that the individuals tasked with this job do not have the proper education and clinical training.

Most are not Child Psychologists, so laws and ethical guidelines to protect the students’ privacy go ignored. This leaves parents to look elsewhere.

The school shut-downs that persisted resulted from the national teacher’s unions, administrators, and school board members who ignored parents. The families who remained now have to fight individuals they elect to serve them. Parents are now pleading to remove a mask off of a 5-year old when it’s over 90 degrees in the classroom.

When did it become ok for parents to plead with their representatives on the school board and the ones they pay in the school, to parent their own children? Many of these parents will look elsewhere.

Finally, schools are the dumping ground for progressives to push their ideas on race relations through Critical Race Theory. CRT is a radical approach to race relations that is now engulfing public schools across the country. Parents are standing up and saying NO to this radical agenda. Who is fighting parents? The Teacher’s unions, the administrators with an agenda and, the teachers who’ve been radicalized too.

Parents want their children uplifted and raised in a way that is thoughtful, kind, and respectful. But CRT shames children, sows division, values skin color over character, and teaches children to hate and resent each other.
Parents are finding their school administrators and some board members have little or no respect for their authority. So they will look elsewhere.

Don’t believe me? Here is an example of what this looks like. You will notice there is no talk of math, reading, science, or anything academic:



Shouldn’t those who say they support social justice focus on making sure that children of color receive the best academic education? Of course, but they are the ones who fight me every step of the way.

What has this cost your local public school in terms of tax dollars lost when parents remove their children from the school?

We are watching the enrollment numbers decline, which causes your local school to lose state funding. But this isn’t the result of some Republican-led effort to promote school choice. In fact, the school choice political agenda is the consequence of these agendas that dumb down your school and trample parental rights.

So when you hear about declining enrollment numbers which results in the loss of state funds, start pointing your finger at the ones who’ve been responsible for this. That includes progressive education reformers, bureaucrats, national union heads, and local officials. Remind them what actually works; a focus on academic excellence and respect for parental rights.

Many will remain in denial over this, so it will be up to good parents of all political persuasion to take back these schools.

If not, expect more families to go elsewhere.