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Rope a Dope

Rope a Dope … Submission is not Unity

Biden’s call for unity harkens back to Muhamad Ali’s Rope a Dope strategy against Joe Frazier. Americans are right at this point to have some serious trust issues. Calls for unity in our polarized time are out of place and at best ill-timed.

Does Going from the Basement to the White House Make Sense?

So, What Starts Happening November 4th? It’s Already Not Looking Good.

The Left (with Democrat elected politicians running cover for their brownshirts – Antifa and Black Lives Matter) has been in training all summer long in the large Democrat “owned” cities, notably Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego, NYC; the list just keeps going on and one.

“The Left Is the Woman Who Wants to Have an Affair But…”

Just saw these four tweets over at Instapundit and it did make me think: Purpose, motivation, covering their tracks, scapegoat, self-declared victimhood, hatred, Individual agency, immorality of Mobs – and a political Bible (and rejection thereof).

F**k Around And Find Out…

A photo of a letter is making its way across the internet. The letter reads as follows: “Dear Neighbor: You have been identified by our group as  being a Trump Supporter. Your address has been added into our database as a target for when we attack should Trump not concede the election. We recommend that …

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What if Trump Wins?

What if Trump Wins? … Prosperity Returns

America is at a crossroads. Most people recognize there is revolution at our doorstep. On one side are the Patriots. They are people seeking to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. They are conservatives and classic liberals. This group will vote for Trump.