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AOC: Environmental Racism is an Underlying Health Condition

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Alexandria Ocasio Coranvirus just made something up. Yes, again. She claims that black and brown people are more seriously affected by the pandemic because of environmental racism. To borrow from the Bongino Report. She made that up. Racial data on coronavirus victims doesn’t exist yet.

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No, it does not exist. And neither does environmental racism. Though I believe we could prove Democrat racism regarding “women’s health care” (wink-wink). A disproportionate number of black babies (and unborn women of color) are killed as a result of Democrat policy. It’s true. 

As for the bartender from Queens, or is it Brooklyn, the higher incidence of infections in heavily-Democrat districts regardless of race (sometimes referred to as cities) is the result of Democrat policy as well. Packing people into urban areas. Demanding they cram themselves into “work-force” housing. Forcing them to ban single-use items in exchange for contaminated “reusable” cups and bags. Open-borders strategies that resulted in the rise of third-world diseases in these parts of the country that have not been seen in America for decades.

Occasional Cortex is stirring up racial division again. And if the “environment” has anything to do with that it would be the Left has created and crammed everyone into, including black and brown people.

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