Bernie's "Squad" - AOC and Omar -Also Lost Big on Super Tuesday - Granite Grok

Bernie’s “Squad” – AOC and Omar -Also Lost Big on Super Tuesday

AOC and Omar

Bernie did not win Minnesota. Yeah, so what, you say? Well, that’s where Ilhan Omar got her congressional seat. She went big in her “home state” for Sanders. Bet the bank so to speak (with whatever political capital she has) then came up empty.

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Dopey Joe Biden beat Bernie by about 9 percentage points. That’s a lot. Which means Omar failed to deliver. She crisscrossed an otherwise liberal Democrat state pushing Sanders Socialism and the peeps weren’t buying.

Fifteen percent of voters in Minnesota went with the failing Warren campaign instead. Offered her a lifeline rather than follow Omar into Bernie’s camp.

But that wasn’t the only misfire.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is on a mission. She’s dumping resources and her sterling reputation into Democrat primary opponents. Young bucks like herself who will replace stodgy more moderate Democrats in key districts.  Justice Democrats! Last Tuesday was just such a contest.

South Texas Rep Henry Cuellar, whom the Dallas News calls one of the most ‘conservative’ Democrats in congress, fended off a challenge by an AOC backed candidate. The opponent, Jessica Cisneros, is a 26-year old progressive immigration lawyer. She lost 52-48


It is not necessarily a sign of things to come but the optics are not great when you say you are going to make Congress more liberal and you can’t even knock off the most conservative Democrat in the chamber. In South Texas.

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