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AOC May Get “Gerrymanded” Out of Her Congressional Seat?

AOC versus Trump - stupid question

This is pretty funny. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was already passed over (er, snubbed) for a high visibility seat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and this write up in the NY Post alludes to what may be happening to her next .

(reformatted, emphasis mine):

Democrats on Friday shot down Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign for a prized seat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee — instead appointing fellow New York Rep. Kathleen Rice. The New York congresswomen had been jockeying for the seat and lobbying colleagues behind the scenes, but Rice ultimately won in a vote of 46-13, Politico reported Friday.

Not even close. That’s a first clue. And WHY might that have happened? Yeah, protecting their own butts and throwing out someone who represented a threat to a politician’s first priority: getting re-elected:

The committee oversees everything from public health to climate issues, foreign commerce and consumer protection. Democratic lawmakers on the Steering and Policy Committee were reportedly forced into an awkward vote Thursday when some members presented their views on who should win. According to Politico, some Democrats cautioned against giving the plum role to AOC, 31, because she had encouraged several liberal challengers to take on her own colleagues.

Liberal, the NY Post says? No, Socialist challengers, just like her. AOC has made it quite clear that NOW is her time, along with the rest of her Squad, to take over. Anyone to her Right is a target in the Democrat Party. And rumors are abounding that she wants to take out Chuckie Schumer and replace him as Senator from NY:

In an interview with The Intercept’s podcast, released Wednesday, she said that Pelosi and Schumer need to go. While she said she wasn’t ready to run for House speaker, she stopped short of saying the same about challenging Schumer for his Senate seat in 2022.

So now it should be clear that SHE is THEIR target as well. It’s well known that NY and CA (and some other Democrat States) are hemorrhaging people (and the taxes they pay) due to “progressive” policies. To the point that CA is going to lose a Congressional seat due to the 2020 Census (or more)and IL and NY may well be losing one each as well.

Guess who will be the recipient of that “diminishment?” Yep, Progressive Karma:

New York Could Lose A Seat In Congress Next Year, Ocasio-Cortez’s District Likely Targeted For Change

So many people have left New York over the last year that the state is in danger of losing a seat in Congress ahead of the 2022 elections — and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) seat is reportedly the one New York legislators are looking to drop. Business Insider reports that New York leads the nation in population exodus. Between July 2019 and July 2020, “126,000 people moved out of New York state,” and New York now leads the nation in population loss.

…According to The Intercept, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district may be the one on the chopping block, but the Democratic Socialist is prepared to put up a fight to keep her spot.

“In 2014, New York approved a constitutional amendment establishing a nonpartisan redistricting commission, which is set to take over the redistricting process starting in 2020,” the outlet reported. “The 10-member commission, meant to be independent from the legislature, is made up of individuals selected by leaders from the state Senate and Assembly, and the original eight members pick two additional members.”

That commission is made up, largely, of state-level Democrats who, The Hill noted last year, believe Ocasio-Cortez isn’t a team player because she’s focused on national elections and not state party politics — or state party fundraising, a typical expectation. She’s also focused on building a national presence and it’s reportedly been difficult to keep her focused on her local constituents.

If she does get redistricted out, it’s possible that she could primary a national Democrat, even Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

And Schumer isn’t about to go out meekly, ESPECIALLY if the Dems pick up both GA Senator seats and he gets the chance to step up from Minority Leader to Majority Leader in the Senate.

And AOC’s former place of employment has gone out of business…

I DO have to wonder if this was the whole point of Eric Holder’s National Redistricting political group – proclaiming that districts should “fair” even as the idea was to completely re-write them to support Democrats. NH was targeted – did you know that? Yeah, Holder was a big of a success as JHo’s Lincoln Project – as NH did the Republican quadfecta. And now, because she caused trouble, will Holder go after her district as well?

True to form, Holder hasn’t accepted the losses he incurred all over the nation as Republicans gained back State level legislative seats. Don’t worry! If he can only save one seat….heh!