NH COVID19 Threat Index Update 12/28/2020 - Granite Grok

NH COVID19 Threat Index Update 12/28/2020

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We’ve updated the data using the states 12/27/2020 case summary report. The results continue to prove that cases are not a good indicator of threat or policy. And yes, the government and the media continue to ignore this fact.

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Reminder: These results are derived from the state’s number but do not account for most people who will never have symptoms or get tested.

People for whom the virus has been even less of a threat than those who have been tested and tested positive. Whose inconvenience, economic, or public health harms (where applicable) is entirely a product of the political response.

Here is a local copy of the State’s 12/27/2020 Case Summary Report.

NH COVID 12-27-20 Survival Rate

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