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They Might Not Be Experts at Anything but Abusing Authority.

I’ve continued to craft these Threat Index Updates since Dec 14th. Tracking cases – this is, after all, a casedemic now – and comparing that mission-critical data to what really matters; hospitalizations and deaths—no scary headlines. We want to know what your odds are of surviving a positive test.

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COVID19 in NH as We Drag Our Tired Ass From 2020 to 2021

The nearly-criminal prohibition against positive COVID19 news in the media continues, leaving sites like GraniteGrok to report the truth. Our reward is that we’re right because the state’s own data proves it. And we intend to continue reporting that truth in 2021. So, where are we on New Year’s Eve?

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NH COVID19 Threat Index Update 12/28/2020

We’ve updated the data using the states 12/27/2020 case summary report. The results continue to prove that cases are not a good indicator of threat or policy. And yes, the government and the media continue to ignore this fact.

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Another Day Under the Pall of a Marketing Campaign Based on False Fear

Another day in the Granite State living under the pall of a marketing campaign based on false fear. One that can’t stand up to scrutiny. In fact, if it were a private company, they’d get sued for false advertising, deception, fraud, and malfeasance. Since it’s the state, we’re supposed to shut up and take it.

NH COVID 12-21-20 Survival Rate

NH COVID Threat Index Update 12-21-20

The political will exerted to slow the spread has not slowed th spread. Masks don’t do it, nor does distancing or other restrictions. But, as we’ve been pointing out, that hardly matters when catching COVID19 presents little real risk of hospitalization or death for any one in the state under 70 in NH.

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NH Casedemic Data Continues to Demonstrate How Little of a Threat COVID19 is to Most Granite Staters

I’m sure the press you’ve read is that we had one of our worst days ever for COVID19 deaths in the state of NH. It’s always sad and tragic to lose a loved one. But based on the State’s COVID19 case summary for Dec 19th if you are under 70 you still have very little …

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