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Rebuild NH

RebuildNH Requests that NH Journal Retract False Statements

You might have heard of the NH journal, but we’re going to call it the “NH jab-now” from now on, as fake-news writer Michael Graham has been vigorously spreading misinformation in favor of the vaccine and opposed to our efforts to reject vaccine mandates and respect bodily autonomy, health freedom, and medical privacy.

Monday Meme Overflow

I said in Monday Memes I would do an overflow post.  Presented without further fanfare… let the mockery and ridicule of the Left resume:

Sun King Sununu

So, Now We Know What Sun-King Sununu Really Means by “Unity”

According to the NeverTrump website NHJournal, Sun-King Sununu is calling for UNITY within the GOP. However, the Sun-King’s words and actions during and since yesterday’s Executive Council meeting reveal that when the Sun-King says “unity” what he really means is unquestioning obedience … to the Sun-King.