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Their COVID Politics Is Trying to Catch up With Our Science. 

Tony Fauci is very excited. “I am honored to announce that the United States will remain a member of the World Health Organization.” Does that mean he’ll publicly embrace the message that a positive PCR test does not mean you have COVID19? Or, this from Dr. Layla McCay from the NHS.


WHO – Positive PCR Test Does Not Mean You Have COVID19

As early as July of 2020 we could see that the PCR test to identify people as COVID19 positive was crap. By September, there were reports that it was likely wrong 9 times out of 10. Yesterday the World Health Organization announced that a positive PCR test is not proof of a positive result.

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Faced With Lawsuits Bay State Repeals Flu Vaccine Mandate

Massachusetts, once the cradle of liberty, is now a bureaucrat’s Disneyland. They would rather tax and regulate the tea than dump it in the harbor these days. So the Department of Health (and inhuman services)had no problem declaring that ye shall be vaccinated, or else!

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More Science That Says Kids Should All Be Back in School

Every time I read the NH Union Leader’s Tag line, I laugh. The state’s “biggest” newspaper reminds us that “There is nothin as Powerful as Truth.” How about not reporting it? That’s pretty powerful and has become the rule rather than the exception among New Hampshire “media.”