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Maskstapo Strike Again – in Moscow, Idaho, not Moscow, Russia

A small army of angry residents marched in protest after a school teacher and coach were handcuffed for singing hymns in a crowd of almost 200 while neither masking nor social distancing. I’m kidding. No one did diddly. The two were cuffed, perp-walked, and arrested with nary a peep.

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If You are That Scared Stay Home – We Can Run the World Without You

Nothing says police state quite like neighbors or customers snitching to the local constabulary about this or that perceived slight. In the age of COVID, this manifests as a failure to adequately mask or distance or some other fear-mongered incidentals such as OCD-like purification rituals improperly performed.

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Chinese Virologist says COVID19 in Man-Made and she has Proof

Our audience is very well-read (they also have herd immunity). They know about stories, not just the spoon fed-corporate media-narratives, like Dr. Li-Meng Yan, hiding in America to protect herself from the Chinese government. She’s hiding because she says COVID19 was engineered in the Wuhan Lab.

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George Floyd Died of COVID19

There will be another round of violence after Trump wins the election. And then another if the officer accused of murdering George Floyd is determined by a jury to be not guilty. George couldn’t breathe because of heart failure exacerbated by a lethal dose of fentanyl, except that he actually died from COVID19.