New Hampshire COVID19 Threat Index - Update for 12/17/2020 - Granite Grok

New Hampshire COVID19 Threat Index – Update for 12/17/2020

NH COVID 12-17-20 Threat Index

This update is later than usual, busy day, but good news. Based on the expert’s pandemic NH data mill, the survival rate for those who test positive (for COVID19) in every age group continues to rise.

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I want to note that a reader asked a great question this morning. Why was the death rate for the 70+ category higher than the hospitalization rate for that age group?

The answer is because that is what New Hampshire’s expert’s data tell us.  They have recorded more deaths from covid than hospitalizations for people aged 70 and over.

This could be for any number of reasons. The reader posited that perhaps the departed in long term care facilities having never made it to a hospital. This is likely, as are people over seventy who died without any care, tested positive with covid after death.

Remember, a positive COVID diagnosis equaled cash-money from the government for a very long time, and stories abound of false COVID numbers, including an admission by the CDC. Given the need to keep tensions high, we do not expect that the practice has changed given the political incentive to control—none of which, by the way, matters for our purposes COVID-Karens and apostles of covidism.

This is about the casedemic. Cases matter to the politicians. That is the entire basis for their fascism.

But the percentage of those needing hospitalization and, more critically those who die – whether from COVID19 or just with COVID19 – tell us that the political response is out of touch with reality.

In real terms, every business owner, consumer, employer, employee, student, teacher, everyone who wants to, should be permitted to choose to go back to their normal lives if they choose. But that’s not where we are and the politicians do not want us to get there but we must.

Would you give up your job, your life, peace of mind, heck, anything when a positive test means you have a 99.8% chance of living? That number represents every Granite Stater below the age of 70 in the state WHO TESTED POSITIVE!

If you are under 60 (0-59 years of age) the risk of death if you test positive is only 0.079% or a 99.92% survival rate.

These are the state’s numbers. Wake up. Demand Change. Take back your power and your life.

This data is derived from information provided in the State of New Hampshire’s 12/17/20 COVID Case Summary.


Note:  You and you alone are responsible for making decisions about health risk based on your own, your family doctors, or other health professionals’ understanding of your personal health situation. 


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