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Bedford Democrats Admit (in writing) How Their Party Has Been Stealing NH Elections for Years

Bedford New Hampshire Democrats just destroyed years of left-wing Granite State vote suppression narratives. They sent a letter to Bedford High School Students heading off to college, encouraging them to register to vote. That’s fine, but what followed is damning.

The August 9th, Dear Bedford Graduate letter includes this gem, emphasis mine.

We hope you will ensure your eligibility to vote by registering at the Bedford Town Clerk’s office. For those of you who may be leaving the area for college or other endeavors, you will need to request an absentee ballot to be able to vote as a Bedford resident in upcoming elections.

I can’t thank the Bedford Democrat Town Committee enough. All those rants from Chairman Ray Buckley and the brood about Republicans suppressing out of state student votes just died.  Out-of-State college students should request an absentee ballot so they can vote from their home town (no matter where they are attending college).

If it works for New Hampshire residents matriculating outside the state, it works for Out-of-State tuition-paying college students in New Hampshire. 

Thank you, Bedford Democrats, for validating my arguments in writing. Note to Jeanne Sheheen. (Bedford Dems just destroyed your whiny vote suppression rant.)

That NH Democrats are suppressing votes of out-of-state students in their hometowns by telling them to steal votes here in New Hampshire. To steal our elections.

And they’ve had help. There is ample evidence of coordination by multiple groups with the State and Local Democrat parties to violate federal law which may subject them to a RICO prosecution. Including the League of Women Vote Stealers and the ACLU.

No, the NH Ag’s office probably won’t touch it, but maybe the Justice Department’s AUSA in Concord could look into it?

Make sure you check into Tom Steyer’s Youth vote movement. He brags about it on TV and the internet daily in his quest to buy the Oval Office. They ‘got the vote out‘ at NH colleges in 2018 with Tom’s deep-pocketed out-of-state influence. How many out of state tuition-paying students were instructed to acquire absentee ballots and vote where the tuition bill goes? My guess is zero. They were all told to vote in NH.

But Steyer’s disregard for New Hampshire resident’s voter rights is just the latest in decades-long vote fraud efforts by Granite State Leftists.

Democrats have been robbing you and stealing our elections for years. Maggie Hassan’s Senate win is the result of out-of-state student voting. Donald Trump was denied four more electoral votes (not that he needed them) for the same reason. Ed Mosca has been revisiting this point as recently as this weekend.

Dozens if not hundreds of state and local races have been tipped by students or out-of-state voters. Who, according to Bedford Democrats, should have voted absentee in their hometowns and not New Hampshire.

And they should.

But they won’t. And it is up to you to take the Bedford Democrats (I can’t believe I’m saying this) at their word. Out-of-State college students (and anyone else who is not living here) –  “you will need to request an absentee ballot” for your state and local elections, not ours. 

If NH Democrats lie to you and suppress that vote, we want to know.


2019-08 Bedford Democrat letter