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Liberal NextGen Dumps “Steyer-Youth” Group And Pile of Cash on New Hampshire

Is that Doneky wearing "Naked Undies?"

I’d like to check the pulse of the “money-out-of-politics” crowd, mostly far-left progressives, on Billionaire Tom Steyer starting up another NextGen political money laundering operation in New Hampshire.

I predict a flatline. No outrage. No protests. No complaints of any kind about the California Billionaire dumping another $30 million into state politics, $750,000.00 right here in New Hampshire.

I’d also like to question a slightly broader audience on the left’s definition of ‘grassroots.’

“What we’re trying to do through a grassroots effort — which is largely about trying to get voter-to-voter contact, trying to get peers to talk to each other about political issues — is to encourage them not just to be knowledgeable about the issues, but also to be aware of how important their participation is and how important their votes are,” Steyer told WMUR in April. (…)

The group says it has “18 staff and fellows already on the ground” and has received pledges from more than 2,100 New Hampshire young people to vote in November.

Most of whom are probably getting a tuition bill sent to an out of state address. A breeding ground for Green shirts to join Steyer Youth. Thank WMUR for that term.

YOUTH ORGANIZING OFFICE OPENING. NextGen New Hampshire, the Granite State chapter of progressive billionaire Tom Steyer’s NextGen America political action committee, will open a Manchester office on Wednesday evening.

All funded by the same California billionaire who has (twice now) tried to buy the US Senate for Democrats (his words not mine). A guy who is pouring $750,000.00 into the Granite State and already has a staff of eighteen.

And this is…a grassroots campaign.

Isn’t this the definition of astroturf?

Will we even be able to hear the crickets on the Left?