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We Need to Combat Democrat Voter Suppression In New Hampshire

I voted Absentee

The New Hampshire Democrat war on voting rights continues. It is a years-long concerted effort to steal votes from other states that the Granite State does not deserve.

It’s voter suppression.

Students who applied to colleges in New Hampshire from addresses outside the state have a right to vote from that address. To pick candidates and issues that affect their local government. 

But Democrats in New Hampshire are greedy. They want those votes for themselves and have been stealing them for years. Telling student’s they should register and vote here. From their dorm.

We’ve seen votes cast from the addresses of local Democrats including Democrat House members, and Democrat State Senators.

We’ve seen people from “out-of-state” vote from campaign offices. At least one out-of-state student registered from the home of a State’s Assistant Attorney General. And Joe Biden’s niece voted from New Hampshire a few years back

Uncle Joe is in a contested primary in New Hampshire. Should we expect Elana back in early 2020 to “help him out?”

Every one of those votes belonged to a different town in a different state. New Hampshire Democrats stole them.

Republicans are trying to clear the smoke. Let students see through the illusion. They passed a bill that allows them to commit to New Hampshire. To legally vote here. But Democrats are trying to get it blocked. Overturned. Repealed.

But we need to give those votes back to their rightful states and municipalities. Explain to these students that they’ve always had the right to vote absentee by mail “from” that address they call “home.”

A practice Democrats are so enamored with that they’ve even used it to steal votes from other states. It’s so easy to do they have pushed legislation to make voting by mail permissible for anyone for any reason. 

Democrats are calling efforts to stop the theft of those votes vote suppression. Projection again, yes? When they are stealing votes and lying to students about where they should vote.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen is asking Democrat Presidential Candidates to support the Democrat Party’s right to rob other states of votes. Sixteen of these candidates are in favor of defending New Hampshire’s theft of votes from other state’s. And at least one of them, that we know of, Corey Booker, thinks the Department of Justice should get involved.

We agree.

New Hampshire Democrats are convincing out-of-state students, many paying out-of-state-tuition, to give up their right to vote from “home.” That needs to be investigated. The DOJ should be involved.

Defend Absentee Voting rights for out-of-state students in New Hampshire.