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So…Trump Actually Won New Hampshire

New Hampshire Map - Cropped

NPR is reporting that Comrade Bernie Sanders received 4,493 write-in votes in New Hampshire.

The state saw an unusually high number of write-ins this year, with many voters refusing to support either of the two major party candidates.

It is also reporting that Clinton only won the state’s four electors by 2573 votes. That means Trump won New Hampshire.

The number 2,573 is well below the number of drive-by, parachute, helicopter, and other same day or temporary non-resident voters that MoveOn, Planned Parenthood, GraniteState Progress, NHCitizens Alliance, the New Hampshire Democrat Party, sitting Democrat reps and Senators, NH AG’s office employees, non-resident tuition-paying college students, and even the Clinton Campaign itself, electorally parked in the state like a cross-country camper pulling an overnight in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

The election is over. The “campers” have moved on. And despite all the cheating, Hillary only managed to pull ahead by 2,573 votes?

Sure, they stole the Senate seat from Ayotte, but this should be of considerable concern to Ray–can’t win anything at the state level anymore–Buckley, chairman of the cheating New Hampshire Dems. What happens if the invisible Trump voters like what they see from a Republican governor, Executive Council, House, and Senate? He’ll have to bring in even more out of state vote stealers to restore balance which–given the dynamics, will probably become even harder should anyone with an (R) after their name decide to fix the sieve that passes for election law and residency rules in this state.

I’m stocking up on popcorn.

The whiny lefties will be putting on a show, which, if nothing else, will make Blogging great again.