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Lite Voting

Faced with a complicated task, we often turn to experts.  We go to doctors, we go to lawyers, we hire electricians and plumbers and car mechanics.  We turn our kids over to schools.  (Which is usually a mistake, but we do it anyway.) You know what else is complicated?  Voting.

The Fair Shares Act

We frequently hear about how each of us should pay or receive ‘our fair share’ of taxes.  Whether that’s the state Department of Labor claiming to ‘ensure the NH businesses pay their fair share’, or the federal Census Bureau arguing that it ‘helps each community get its fair share’ of tax funds, or some other …

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Return of Drive-By Voting

by Granite State Taxpayers:  The NH Legislature is Considering Bills to Eliminate the Reforms of Senate Bill 3 and House Bill 1264. GST has long advocated for reform of New Hampshire Election Laws. GST supports legislation so that people who vote in New Hampshire actually live in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is unique in the country in …

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