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Vote Fraud


New Hampshire’s Electile Dysfunction (ED)

For years New Hampshire Democrats have argued that refusing to let out-of-state college students vote in New Hampshire denies them their right to vote. That is a lie, but it reveals an essential truth. They are subverting your rights.

Bob Guida

The Windham Incident Deception

Seeking to quell the growing political clamor resulting from its refusal to look into the Windham Incident, the Attorney General’s office has now publicly claimed that it is “investigating” the matter. This is a misleading half-truth.

436 Walnut St Manchester

Where Did Our Three “New” Manchester New Hampshire Voters Go?

How about that voter fraud nest at 436 Walnut St. Manchester? The second-floor apartment rented from February 2020 through November 2020? Three cars, two with Massachusetts plates and one from New York, were parked outside most of that time. The three young ladies staying there were working on NH political campaigns.