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Vote Fraud in NH is Just Armed Robbery by Another Name


If you made armed robbery legal, no one would ever get charged. But force would still be used to relieve people of their property against their will. That is also true for vote fraud in New Hampshire. By making it legal to steal votes, it is increasingly unlikely that anyone will ever get charged.

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So, it’s not that there’s no such thing as voter fraud, it’s that there are so few ways with which anyone could ever be found guilty of committing it. A problem the left continues to address at every opportunity.

Legal Theft

Taxation is armed robbery. It’s legal because someone passed a law. If you refuse to pay people with guns will come to collect what is due or to collect you.

Votes are similar. Each one is a potential tax. An opportunity for force to applied (in this case by outside interests advocating a partisan advantage), to deny you of something. Your income, or perhaps your rights.

Both, not uncoincidentally, are defended by the same political party. Democrats.

Granite State elections are tilted y the force applied by volumes of out-of-state tuition-paying college students. The left manufactures lies to keep this advantage.

Voting Rights

Every legal adult citizen who has not given them up through criminal activity has the right to vote in person or by absentee ballot. Democrats have long allowed college students (and others) to ignore their home address (typically in some very blue state) and assume one in the Granite State – so they can use that vote in New Hampshire. I talked about that in more detail here yesterday.

Vote Suppression

Where the right to vote in person or by absentee ballot exists – claims of voter suppression are a lie. But not to Democrats. When they use the term, they are referring to your refusing to let them suppress your votes by allowing non-residents to vote here.

So, no one in New Hampshire, except for perhaps Democrats, is suppressing votes. No one in New Hampshire except Democrats is interfering with the right of non-residents to vote by absentee ballot outside New Hampshire legally.

Spread these truths far and wide.