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“Adult” Told Convicted UNH Vote Thief It Was Okay To Cast Ballot In New Hampshire


Spencer McKinnon copped a plea deal for voting in Durham New Hampshire after submitting an absentee ballot to his how hometown in Massachusetts. McKinnon’s lawyer now says an ‘adult’ at UNH told him it was okay for him to vote here.

Kevin Landrigan from the Union Leader reports that “someone associated with either a town election official or activists with NextGenAmerica had told the Massachusetts man he could cast a New Hampshire ballot.

Someone, an adult, told him that it would be OK for him to register to vote in Durham as long as he changed his address,” Bratton said.

Asked if McKinnon was aware other students got similar misguided advice about voting here in 2016, Bratton declined to answer.

Let me help you out since we’ve been at this a while. Everyone from elected Democrats, Democrat party officials, out-of-state campaigns, third-party activists, rank and file Democrats, and Democrat election officials have been telling students who don’t live here to steal votes here.

They’ve not just been at it for decades. They have been changing election law to make it easier. And everyone is acting surprised? Sure, they are – how’d he get caught?

Here’s How He Got Caught

Remember the Interstate voter cross-check system? Democrats crapped kittens over it. State’s sharing voter-checklists. That’s how McKinnon got caught. 

Would it surprise you that New Hampshire Democrats have already proposed and passed a bill in the NH House to remove our state from the Crosscheck Program?

HB315 repeals authorization for participation in the voter crosscheck program. The committee ought-to-pass statement says they have faith in the ability of the Democrat Secretary of State to address these sorts of issues. We don’t need it.

But we needed the cross-check program to catch Spencer McKinnon.

The fact that it could catch “other students (who) got similar misguided advice” scares the crap out of Democrats. They are committed to making that go away.