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Fergus Cullen Want’s A Vote Fraud Bus? We’ll Give Him One.

keene 003 VTEdited from the original posted March 21, 2014

In November 2012 there was some vote fraud. I know Democrats (including Democrats registered as Republicans) are denying it, but it is true. People who should not have voted from inside and outside the swing state of New Hampshire came here and voted, again. Democrats conspired and planned it, statewide. (And now Republicans are helping them cover it up.)

Shuttle “buses” with Massachusetts and Vermont license plates, were seen traveling back and forth to Keene, New Hampshire polling places painted with the Obama Logo.

keene 004 Premier COACH keene 005 VT Driver






This is a very nice motor-coach registered in Vermont. You can see the plate, the DOT registration, and the driver. The artwork and handwritten text are repeated on a multi-seat vehicle from Massachusetts, parked right next to it.   I blotted out the plate number, but you can see the state if you click the image (not that the crappy parking doesn’t give it away).

keene 000 MA keene 001 MA

Thanks to Ed Naile for the pics!