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Nothing Like A “Veto Day” To Bring Out Liberal Concern For Overtaxation

“The same undisciplined government spending and social engineering that has undermined our economy over the past 30 years has also been tearing at the social fabric of this land.”   —Stockwell Day

The New Hampshire House and Senate will vote today  to override Governor John Lynch’s veto of two bills that sought to  allow Granite State businesses to receive tax credits for donations to scholarship funds to help low and middle income students attend private and religious schools.

Of course, opponents of SB 372 and HB 1607 had lots to say about these bills, chief among them, Maggie, “The Red” Hassan. Hassan, as reported in the Union Leader said,

“Republican leaders made cuts raising local property taxes and tuition on middle- class families, saying we couldn’t afford to support our public schools. Now they are planning to divert millions of dollars in taxpayer money to private schools …”

Okay…lets follow the logic…(false logic, of course) Maggie the Marxist accuses the Republican leadership of making cuts that raised local property taxes, never once mentioning when her party was in power, they nearly spent the state into the ground with head-snapping deficits. Thereafter, when austere measures are sought by the new leadership, cutting state spending, we hear the liberal hues and cries of cost shifting and downshifting to local municipalities, the burdensome expenses. Finally, local municipalities must now raise taxes to cover the “shortfall.” Oh the outrage…

Outrage? Where was that very outrage when the Democratic majority implemented nearly one-hundred new fees and taxes to try and cover the budget deficit?  Where was the outrage when the Dems scoffed up millions from dedicated funds? Where was the outrage when tobacco and gas taxes were being hiked up?

These two bills are examples of how lower and middle income families can pursue  the highest and best in education for their children; Yet, the Democrats and liberals oppose it and the Governor vetoed the measures.

Maggie, “the Red’s” position illustrates  why liberals are driving the economy into the fiscal toilet. Through their lens, austere measures simply are not in their lexicon and maintaining the “status quo,” is.  Trapping families into failing school systems and eliminating any notion of competition to public education is a sacred cow for which Maggie, “the red” Hassan advocates. When austere measures are taken at the state level, that simply means educrats at the local level must make up the shortfall, never mind cost cutting efficiencies.

I support a voucher programs and school choice. Parents should have the ability to remove their children from marginal and failing schools for more performance-based choices. But one of the problems I see with a voucher system is what would happen after its put in place.  I suspect many parents would move their children to schools that met their expectations and the fiscal impact would be substantial on local districts. With that said, I think the public school districts would still seek to maintain the funding status quo and some rubber-spined educrats would cave and vote for budgets that do so. Look at Unions, for example. Union membership is half of what it was 30 years ago, but today they have twice the money, power and influence.

So here we are on Veto Day in Concord. And all the Kool-Aid-drinking liberals have been to Concord to shout down and oppose the veto override of these two bills. Chief among them, Maggie, “the Red” Hassan, and Cilley Jackie seemed noticeably absent. Progressives will cry over their notion tax increases, while the immediate narrative history shows them to be the taxers and spenders they really are.  It is almost funny, if not hypocritical.