Dangerous Democrats - Granite Grok

Dangerous Democrats

Democrat DangerDo you know someone who is "always right?"  Nothing is ever their fault.  Someone else is always to blame.  Have you realized that this describes todays democrat party?  Think about it.  No matter how much power they wield their impotence or incompetence is the fault of their opponents.  No matter how much they spend it is because of something someone else did. 

The "crimes" of others become their "only way to get things done."  Transparency is for the opposition and they have the propaganda press to help them prove it.  Laws are to keep their opponents in line.  Contradictions are a distraction from today’s goals.  Promises are to convince dupes to elect them, not a place from which to govern once in office.  Morality is a cross for someone else should have to bear. 

Do you understand how dangerous that is?  They feel no sense of accountability.  They are above reproach.

Let’s look at a worst case scenario.  Iran.

Obama and the democrats can let Iran build nukes because it is a no-lose situation for them.  Inaction is action.  If by chance Iran does not nuke up, they will take credit.  If it does, and then kills millions, they will blame George Bush, or obstructionist Republicans.

I’m not saying they want Iran to kill millions or that they would even encourage it, but if it happens we know how they will respond.  False patriotism.  Platitudes for lost lives.  Pause – It’s someone else’s fault.  Nukes or spending, it is all the same to them.  Every issue turns on what the political gain is at the moment, and how it can be used to their advantage.

And they are committed to making you pay for it.  Literally.

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