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Corey Lewandowski

Make NH Great – Vote Corey!

Recent polling in the New Hampshire US Senate race shows Corey Lewandowski leading the republican primary, causing a serious episode of heartburn for the Republican party establishment. It wasn’t long ago that former senator Judd Gregg referred to Lewandowski as a thug.

More Humor! 2012 Presidential Primary – Mitt Romney / Obama version. +1

  Heh!  (BTW, who wants to bet on the over/under for time that Media Matters (that hack site funded by George Soros is going to call me racist and demand a take down (that’s where the image came from!)?) A spokesman for President Obama‘s re-election campaign blasted Mr. Romney and questioned whether he had something …

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Dangerous Democrats

Obama and the democrats can let Iran build nukes because it is a no-lose situation for them. Inaction is action. If by chance Iran does not nuke up, they will take credit. If it does, and then kills millions, they will blame George Bush, or obstructionist Republicans.


Yes, the very tax cuts that did not even exist, the ones GWB screwed the Middle class out of for the better part of the decade, just appeared at the wave of a talking point memo, whipping out seven years of dishonest, backhanded, left wing class warfare rhetoric, simply because it had suddenly become politically convenient to have democrats extending something they insisted never even existed.

Bush 2010

The Democrat National Congressional Committee (DNCC) has announce plans for their collectivist reelection strategy for congressional House members in November.  Run against George Bush.  Oh yeah baby.  The idea is to claim that any Republican is just like Bush and voting for them is a vote for failed policies of the past.  I waited for …

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