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US Senator Joe Manchin Flickr by WV Gov Earl Ray Tomblin

Joe Manchin

Looks very much like Leftist Democrats are cranking up their hate and smear machine to punish Senator Joe Manchin for not bowing and scraping at the feet of “President” Biden and his Build Back Better.

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An Early Note To Aspiring 2024 GOP Presidential Candidates

The list of likely GOP candidates will perhaps be the shortest than in recent memory. I don’t think I am alone in thinking only Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis will lead the ballot in 2024. That’s immaterial, though, because a list of two or two hundred needs to be told the same thing.

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Meet in the House Chamber!

Dear Speaker Packard, You are quoted in NH Journal as saying the following: “With hospitalizations at record levels and community transmission still high, the responsible thing to do is to maintain health and safety protocols for our legislators and hold off on returning to the House chamber, at least for now.”

Sun King Sununu

I was Just Think’n

I am no political expert but didn’t RINO Sununu have 9 people of the type of activists who won huge victories all over the country for Republicans yesterday ARRESTED for saying the Pledge of Allegiance too loud at an executive Council meeting?