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Mitt Romney’s Favorability Falls Off a Cliff

When I say this couldn’t happen to a nicer guy I mean that. Mitt Romney. He went to Washington and took over for John McCain as the Chief RINO Anti-Trumper band leader and (believe it or not) Americans aren’t impressed.

Ten Media Truths for Conservative/Republican Legislators

Even as some elections are happening today, this old advice holds true for newly elected Republicans. And it will hold just as true come the next set of primary elections and the general.  In fact, they’ll always be true.  And for those of you that supported them?

RINOs: The Dilution & Breakdown of the Republican Brand in NH

Dilution is the action of making something weaker in force, content, or value. Have you watched a brand you love just mean less and less? The brand might have gone in a direction you just couldn’t follow, or the quality of their product just kept slipping until their reputation was gone. You are not alone. …

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Does New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu Get it Yet?

Gov. Sununu has been great on guns and the economy. But when he began advancing left-wing culture-war legislation, I made a prediction. He’d get re-elected in 2018, but the Republicans in the legislature might get wiped out. That happened.


Budget Compromise Reached – Will It Pass?

The budget showdown appears to be over, with a compromise reached between Governor Sununu, the Democrat majorities, and Republican leadership.  For months now the State has operated under a continuing resolution passed in late June, but when legislators meet tomorrow at 1pm in both the House and Senate the State could be one step further …

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