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Roll Call-palooza – Another Democrat Taxpayer Swindle

Feel the power - of the dark sideThe print media is curious about why the Republican lead New Hampshire House has had so many Roll call votes this session.  They seem to be implying that it is a waste of money.  My first thought was that I like to know how my reps voted, but then I read this by Steve Vaillancourt, over at NH Insider.  Looks like the call for the roll call is also a parliamentary stalling tactic and…Norelli and the Democrats have been using it to excess.

If Steve is correct, it is the Democrats who are going out of their way to waste taxpayer dollars on unnecessary Roll Call votes, particularly on labor related bills, so they can use those votes as political tools come 2012.

That’s not the only reason for the roll calls as Steve explains, but that makes sense.

New Hampshire Democrats, who benefit from taxpayer-money, laundered through public employee union dues into their campaigns, are spending taxpayer dollars in the legislature to make sure they have sound bites and talking points to give to their union buddies, to ensure the Aztec gold continues to flow moving forward.

Even out of power, they are finding ways to waste your money.