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Women Helping Men Dominate Women’s Sports

The self-proclaimed feminists of the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation have lost their way and no longer work to protect women’s rights. Instead, they consider any man who proclaims himself to be a woman to be eligible for women’s hard-fought-for rights, totally negating the purpose of having sex-specific rights for women.


NH House Ignores ITL and Supports More Local Budget Transparency

This is not the sort of thing you expect from your Democrat-majority legislature, but we’re fans of giving credit when it is due. And it is due. HB1460 is a budget bill that incorporates line item detail at the local level. The Committee panned it 10-8, but the full House did something amazing.


So kids, what did we learn from Thursday’s House Session (03/12/20-03/13/20)?

We learned that House Minority Republicans have stamina and wisdom. They made certain that the work of the NH House got done for the people of NH and for the constituents that they serve.  They corrected the course of mismanagement of time and workload that was dealt to us by the House Majority Democrats who …

So kids, what did we learn from Thursday’s House Session (03/12/20-03/13/20)? Read More »