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This report still says I'm full of Sh*t!For quite some time, Paul Hodes has maintained a diary over at the Daily KoS.  That’s the Daily KoS.

And now, a diarist from the Daily KoS, expects you to believe that he is actually been undercover, hiding so far up under the left wing, that he would be permitted to keep and maintain a diary at the Daily KoS.

He was so well concealed that he voted with the far left liberal agenda over 95% of the time.

He bemoaned a 400 billion dollar deficit, then proceeded to triple it in the first year under Obama.

He proved his complete devotion to abortion that he voted for federal funding of abortions across the globe, here in America, paid for by taxpayers, and proudly de-funded federal abstinance programs and gave all that money to the pro abortion group programs.

He ranked 45th in earmarks for 2010, then pretended he was against them.

He ran away from an ethics hearing, but insists he’s pro-ethics.

He has done nothing to stop the spending or the socialization of business.

He even released TARP funds with flawed oversite rules, then voted to spend paid back TARP money and a second stimulus, instead of paying down the deficit.

And he’s a diarist at the Dailt KoS.

If Paul Hodes is a Fiscal Conservative Carol Shea-Porter is Margret-frikkin-Thatcher.