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I was a Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier. Now I'm a Browncoat fighting the tyranny of the Covidists and their Public Health Tyranny Alliance (Among other things).


Dancing To the Tune of a Test That Could be Wrong 90% of the Time

When the pandemic was no longer an adequate means to confine the people, the Casedemic quickly emerged. The Pipers played the new tune, and testing rose exponentially, but the rats never told you the most popular version probably gives false-positives 90% of the time and means nothing.


If NH Dems Want More Money for Public “Education” Dartmouth has a 6 Billion Dollar Endowment

Dartmouth College is loaded. They are RICH! By which I mean more money than Oprah (2.6B). If they were one of those other greedy Americans, they’d be, well, George Lucas is worth 5.4 Billion, so they are bigger than him. So, if NH Dems want cash for schools (cough cough), the gateway to these riches …

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Covid test positive

George Floyd Died of COVID19

There will be another round of violence after Trump wins the election. And then another if the officer accused of murdering George Floyd is determined by a jury to be not guilty. George couldn’t breathe because of heart failure exacerbated by a lethal dose of fentanyl, except that he actually died from COVID19.

Vermont Mountains Panorama at SunriseMt Ascutney, Vermont, New England, USA

Vermont Turns its Own People Against Liberty

Liberty is much rarer than life, but Vermont has successfully turned some of its people against it. The State’s health department (peace be upon them) received 194 complaints about COVID19 violations of the State’s Emergency Orders.