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“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” ~Barry Goldwater


THE RINO OF THE WEEK is two-term House Representative Timothy D. Copeland.  Representative Copeland not only has a RINO voting record, but openly embodies pro-Union positions. Copeland not only voted against right to work,  But resigned his House whip position when the speaker reshuffled the leadership based on RINOism. Representative Copeland has voted consistently against two core liberty issues: Legislation pertaining to self-defense and firearms and voted against the passage of HB 474, commonly known as the “Right-to-Work Bill.  Like that of his RINO Counterparts, Representative Copeland is also an enthusiastic advocate of police-statism is ranked by the New Hampshire House Republican Alliance with a score of 67%.

  • Voted against HB 125 a law that would support the right of the Granite State to regulate firearms within its sovereign borders as a state;

  •  Voted against HB 210, commonly referred to as, “Stand Your Ground” Which, “allows a person who is in any place where he or she has a right to be or reasonably believed he or she had a right to be to use deadly force to protect oneself.”
  •  Voted against HB 474 Which would end Labor Union’s ability to compel non-union workers from paying agency fees as a condition of employment;
  • Voted against SB 88 most commonly referred to as the, “Stand Your Ground” Bill.

The Right to Work bill here in NH has become a major determinant in deciding RINOism. As my colleague Steve MacDonald aptly pointed out this past Wednesday, “You Can’t Be A Republican And Vote Against Right To Work, “It is a foundation of Republican principles that free people can make responsible choices for themselves without coercion or nanny state mandates.  And with Right to Work there is no force.  No coercion.  No Legislative mandate of forced participation, no requirement that they help fund the Democrat party agenda or union tactics they may object to.”

Copeland’s entry into politics was spurred by his treatment by the state following an injury he received..In essence, a “retributive” run for public office seeking to pursue  a personal agenda—nothing wrong with that at all…until it overshadows his effective representation of the citizens who elect him.

It has often been said that ones’ environment and geography shapes and affects the personal paradigm. Copeland, a retiree from one of the most highly regulated, anti-second amendment jurisdictions in the nation (New York) is a crystal clear example of that notion…Summarily, Representative Copeland is this week’s RINO of the Week.


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