“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” ~Barry Goldwater

This week’s installment of RINO of the week bring us an example of a real Dinosaur. This RINO has been around for way too long, ruining the Republican platform since 1988. Can we have a primary already, people? 12-term House Representative Julie M. Brown, the “Mad Hatter”  hailing from Strafford District 1 is this week’s RINO of the Week. (If she and Rep. Susan Emerson walked in together, the brims alone could clear a room)


Rep. Brown’s voting record shows she has been around a long time spreading the RINO creed far and wide. Ms. Brown was ranked by the New Hampshire House Republican Alliance with a score of 45%.  Representative Brown missed forty-eight votes, all of which were marked not voting/not excused. A review of her past years record indicates an ongoing trend in missing controversial votes on critical or high profile issues. Project Vote smart gives Brown a 100% on their political courage test which isn’t consistent with her house voting record.

While being ABSENT, Representative Brown denied her constituents a voice when she failed to cast votes on   HB 125, HB474HB133  to name just a few critical issues. Inversely, When Representative Brown was present and voting she voted joined fellow RINO’s to block HB329, parental notification; HB147, the Kimberly Cates Bill;  HB519, repealing the regional greenhouse gas initiative, and SB67, a Voucher and School choice bill.

In the 1990’s Representative Brown was always reliable in her quest to expand the reach of government, broadly expand entitlement programs and do all the bidding Child support enforcement or the DCYF asked her to do and  Representative Brown never saw fit to repeal anything. Instead, she made the reach of government into the lives of citizens far easier for state government and the defense of Granite State citizens more insurmountable and arbitrary.

Her bill sponsorship also seems to indicate a troubling trend. Representative Brown seems to have a serious (if you’ll pardon the pun) “bee in her bonnet” with those ordered to pay child support. In her years in the house, Brown has sponsored bills, (a number of them were ITL’ed) that imposed considerable state-sponsored oppression upon child support payers.  Could it be suggested that she is using her seat for personal misandrist purposes? One can only guess.

Julie Brown is the beloved rep in the pocket of the consummate state hack and/or attendant bureaucrat. Her history demonstrates that… and for that…and lack of other nefarious suggestions, she (and her giant hats) are this week’s RINO OF THE WEEK.


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