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Rebuilding the GOP

Yes, we in the Liberty and Freedom movement must vote for Romney….

  However, what follows—and which prominently features New Hampshire’s John Sununu—is NOT the reason we must vote for Romney. Yet the fact is…we should. We must fight statism everywhere, because it is  everywhere…including inside the highest reaches of the Republican Party. As Ann Coulter has said, “there are plenty of bad Republicans, but there are no good Democrats.” …

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Where David Frum threatens to leave the Republican Party

My response to his threat of "Romney, Huntsman, or bust"? Thank you, and that whole swinging door and butt schtick Frum is a talking head ensconced well within the GOP Beltway mentality.  Just the fact that his number one guy (seemingly) for the Republican Prez candidate is the same pick (also seemingly) that the mainstream …

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Bachmann’s Contrdiction

Speaker Gingrich is taking heat for statements about immigration reform, mostly from people campaigning against him. (But then, that’s what makes a big primary so much fun.) Congressman Michele Bachmann, on PBS NewsHour of all places, took it to the hole with this remark…

Old Establishment Scared…The Liberty Wing Needs To Double Down –

I just happen to know who thinks they are in charge. I know who pulled the levers that lead to the establishment coup. I’m just working out the details, putting the time line together. Chasing the money. It may take days or even weeks, but I’ll get it all worked out. and I will share it with you. I’m patient like that.

I’d Like To Thank New Hampshire’s Establishment Republicans

Speaking for myself, I’d like to say thank You. No, really. You have shown yourselves to be nothing more than the childish, backstabbing, power hungry hypocrites we all knew you were. You don’t care about the New Hampshire Republican party, you just care about who is running it and your place in the pecking order.


“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” ~Barry Goldwater The RINO of the week is six-term Hollis House Representative Carolyn M. Gargasz.  This RINO is not quite the rank-and-file RINO that perhaps Ken Gould or David Kidder might be. Representative …