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Woke … What is it? What Will it be?

Today “Woke” is a concept symbolizing correct perception and awareness of social issues. It is an unenlightening social movement. Woke has become a generic slang term. It broadly associates with leftist politics, social justice, and activist causes.

White girl Japanese girl Slavery Pearl Harbor FI

To stop this nonsense takes only one action – the courage to say “No”

WHY should someone be guilty of something that happened 75 years ago (or further back into antiquity)? Were they there to actually participate in what (in this instance) the “Woke” Left  – in the persons of Black Lives Matter or in the persons of Social Justice Warriors – now considers sinful?

The coming twelve months

The Coming Twelve Months

The coming twelve months are going to challenge America. We have a coming monetary reset. Add that to the unrest in the streets. Add that to conflicts with China, Russia, and Islam. There is a lot of pressure building nationally and internationally. Things can go to hell in a handbasket in a hurry.

Pin the tail on the racist

Colorblindness Is the Problem and Racist: Part I

Colorblindness is racist, or at least that’s what the woke would have us believe. It’s not true, but then again look who is making the assertion. Woke doctrine fundamentally rejects the concept of equal opportunity. It asserts America is a deeply racist society. That is false. But, buy the premise, buy the argument.

BU Terriers

That “Woke” 30% is Calling the Rest of us RAAACISTS!

In this time of Black Lives Matter and the eternally offended if you aren’t with the Woke, Social Justice Warriors’ Narrative of Morality (and THEIR immoral and illiberal sense of morality is the only legitimate one), you’re every name in the book. Then say hello to the Cancel Culture, silencing, shut down, you name it.

Trump coronavirus press conference

Did the U.S. Army Call President Trump a White Supremacist? Why Yes… Yes They Did.

The U.S. Army joined the list of WOKE organizations that are pushing the White Supremacy narrative and temporarily labeled our Commander-In-Chief a White Supremacist. The Army Missile & Aviation Center’s Equal Employment Opportunity Manager Chaney P. Pickard sent an email to invite employees to listening sessions on race and diversity.  Attached to the email was …

Did the U.S. Army Call President Trump a White Supremacist? Why Yes… Yes They Did. Read More »