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JP Spears Wokeness

The Evolution of “Woke”

He may be an acquired taste but J.P. Sears has a very laid-back way of presenting his unique sense of political satire and this time, he lets the rest of us know how he defines it. Dictionary.com has its definition.

Russia vs. America

THIS. Whom do you want defending you country, your loved ones, your very life? The Russian who loves his country, and spends every waking moment turning himself into an ever more lethal fighting machine for that country. Or the individual who believes that her country is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etcetera and that the greatest …

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What’s Wrong with Army Leadership?

Since 1775 the mission of the Army has been to “Fight and Win our Nations Wars.” It’s a pretty straightforward mission statement. Short and to the point.