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What is the right response to lockdowns?

What is the Right Response to Lockdowns?

What is the right response to lockdowns? Lockdowns do indeed have costs. Some are financial and some of them are personal and health-related. There’s more than one way to wreck a life. For example:

Democrats are the virus

More Overdose Deaths Than Covid Deaths

Well, we are 9 months into the political response to the virus. Data is showing alarming trends. Yes, Covid is out there but so too are drug overdoses and suicide. People, especially young people, those who are least at risk from the virus are forcibly cut off from friends, families, and communities.

Covid test positive

False Positive Results From Unreliable PCR Tests Are Being Used to “Manufacture a ‘Second Wave’ Based on ‘New Cases,’

The headline is a quote. The source is Dr. Mike Yeadon. He is the former vice president and scientific director of Pfizer. And before you scoff, I’ve got a number for you. It’s 0.169% 1. That is the percentage chance you have of dying from COVID19 if you are between 0 and 60 in NH …

False Positive Results From Unreliable PCR Tests Are Being Used to “Manufacture a ‘Second Wave’ Based on ‘New Cases,’ Read More »

Christmas Iwo Jima

Who Wants COVID Lockdowns for Christmas?

Ignoring Sweden’s success, nations across Europe are embracing (once again) extreme social distancing, also known as lockdowns. It has to do with a virus that originated in China. COVID- something. Becasue the only thing less effective than masks –  is – canceling your entire economy.

Race relations

Debate Night for the VP’s … the Virus

If you did not watch debate night for the VP’s this time you missed something. The debate was a better articulation of the Harris-Biden position than Joe was able to present. The interaction was more professional than the first Presidential debate. There did seem to be a clear winner.

Mask burning party outside Ohio city hall

We Can’t Live if We Are Always Afraid

It’s time to get over the panic and fear and get back to work. The President left the hospital the other day. He had a simple message for the American people. He said do not live in fear or let the fear of this virus “dominate” your life.

Public Trust

Public Trust and Truth … They go Hand in Hand

Public trust in science depends on its consistency, transparency, and divorce from political ideology. There can be no left or right, leftist or conservative, blue-state or red-state. This is true when scientific expertise is taken seriously.