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Who Wants COVID Lockdowns for Christmas?

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Ignoring Sweden’s success, nations across Europe are embracing (once again) extreme social distancing, also known as lockdowns. It has to do with a virus that originated in China. COVID- something. Becasue the only thing less effective than masks –  is – canceling your entire economy.

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“Germany recorded nearly 20,000 new coronavirus cases in one day, its highest level yet,” German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported. “It brought the total case tally in Germany, a nation of 83 million people, to 597,583. Another 118 fatalities raised the death toll to 10,930.”

On November 1, German Chancellor Angela Merkel ordered a four-week national lockdown. Germany’s state media described the move as “lockdown-lite,” where schools shall stay open, but all “non-essential” businesses and restaurants will be closed, and public gatherings are banned. The latest lockdown measures are the toughest since Berlin began easing coronavirus restrictions in May.


The CCP (Chinese COVID Pandemic) virus has claimed 0.013% of the German population. And as with most other nations or regions, the old and infirm account for most deaths.

COVID deaths germany

The majority of people being confined have nearly a zero percent chance of dying, probably because they have a similarly low likelihood of contracting it or having symptoms. A pattern that looks familiar to our own here in New Hampshire.

Total NH COVID deaths 11-020

The totals are different; obviously, Germany is looking at 83 million people, New Hampshire has 1.3 million. But graphed, the results are similar. And this is true everywhere we look regardless of the political response.

At this point, I am supposed to say that no one wants anyone to die, but is that true?

Here in New Hampshire, like most of the western world, with a few exceptions, we moved from flattening the mortality curve to flattening the case curve, but the data tell us that it is ludicrous. And not just because, for example, NH has documented 10,887 cases using the ridiculously inaccurate PCR test. We’re missing a critical piece of data.

How many people have “died” as a result of lockdowns and quarantines?

New Hampshire doesn’t have it, and neither does Germany, nor do they want it.  And while 488 people in New Hampshire have died with COVID (not necessarily from it), how many have died due to the political response? How many is acceptable?


But we keep killing mostly young healthy people who had little to no likelihood of either catching COVID19, even a slimmer chance of being hospitalized, and almost no chance of dying. And yet they died anyway.

Who gave the government that power?

No one, they just took it, and most of us let them. And now Germany, France, Greece, and increasingly despotic regimes in the US are playing the lockdown game, just in time to cancel Christmas.  A time when suicide is already on the rise without any added political pressure.

And the only way it stops is mass civil disobedience, assuming political pressure (phone calls, emails, meetings) from the people is not enough.

If you have a high-risk family member or friend, quarantine them and take precautions, everyone else, as you were (circa Jan/Feb 2020 and before). It’ll save lives and that matters.