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To the Merrimack School Board (and others): NO to the Jab!

This is an edited and enhanced version of a handout I created and which was given around at the Merrimack School Board meeting on September 20. I intend to break apart the handout into topical posts (jabs, masks, etc.) while folding in new information as I find it.

The Jab and Kids – Introducing PROJECT DREAD

Author’s note: The idea presented below will only work if this is shared widely to crowdsource information gathering.  Please share this as widely as possible – email, social media, etc.  To the best of your ability get this out, even if it means using the enemy’s platforms.

Convert-Take-the-Jab-notice-j NITZAKHON 2021

I’m Betting Many Adverse Reactions Are Not Making It to the VAERS Reports.

Just among my personal outer circle (my inner circle has not been Stepford-jabbed, nor gotten covid) since the jab rollout, I have documented one sudden death, three days after the jab; one massive stroke; two with sudden life-threatening vascular problems; two with severe, almost intractable nosebleeds; two with sustained vertigo problems.