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VAERS Update – Offical Number of Vaccine Deaths Reaches 16,310*

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The latest update dated 10-1-21 shows COVID19 vaccine-related deaths reported to the VAERS system at 16,310*. Additionally, we find over 75,302 hospitalizations and 23,712 who have been permanently disabled.

These are the minimum number of known harms. Medical professionals (even those working for HHS) are not filing VAERS reports on every patient who suffers some form of injury or death.

That’s not the only lie.

Over in the UK, the NHS reported that nearly two-thirds of Delta-related deaths were among the vaccinated. Israel had similarly shocking numbers, and we’ve seen the same math here in multiple locations.

But we’re supposed to believe that in NH, most of the cases or deaths are unvaccinated. Pardon me for calling bullsh!t, but someone is monkeying with data or details no one else seems to be able to get out of NH DHHS. The rule to date has been that when the data creates unfavorable odds for the current narrative, change the rules or tweak the narrative.

Here, in New Hampshire, there’s zero evidence vaccination made any difference if the goal was Public health. We showed pre and post vaccine hysteria data and there’s nothing there.

Healthy Granite Staters can continue to fear the political response or vaccine side-effects more than the flu.

Updated as of 10-9-2021

NH Covid data chart 10-9-21


A closer look at the cumulative state data after over 18 months


NH Covid data chart 10-9-21 pt 1


Here is a xzoom in on results based on the state population for each age group.


NH Covid data chart 10-9-21 pt 2


These numbers do not justify the amount of political or cultural force at play or the sums of money being allocated to convince people to take a treatment that gives even the undercounted number of VAERS Reported harms.

This has never been about public health and that continues to be the case.