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The Jab: Criminal-Scale Negligence

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I make my living in a STEM field – such has been my one and only career. I have designed and run experimental trials on myriad occasions (one such trial I did resulted in such a detailed report that the compliments for my thoroughness were legion from across the company).

Each time I’ve had to have a control group against which to cross-check my results.

If, scientifically and statistically, the null hypothesis is that the experimental group will not have any different results from the control group, then the alternative hypothesis is that there will be a statistically significant difference between the two.  That is to say, there must be an observable difference between those two groups for the experimenter to claim there is an effect from whatever is being trialed.


Cueing from the above, any medical trial requires a control group who receive a placebo, defined as something that makes them think they took the actual medication but is actually clinically meaningless.  The goal is to separate out any actual clinical effect from whatever mental/psychological effect – known to be “a thing”.

So I just read about the fact that there is now, functionally, no control group left for either the Moderna or Pfizer Jabs.  After the initial trials, and the FDA gave both the above and the J&J one an Emergency Use Authorization the people who had the placebo were given the chance to take the actual Jab, and most took it. Thus, less than a year into the launch of these mRNA Jabs that – again note – have never been successfully launched into a population with full approval and trials, the control group is gone.

Purposefully dissolving the placebo group violates the scientific purpose to test whether the vaccine has any efficacy; any actual benefit and/or safety issues. Without a control group there is nothing to compare the vaccinated group against.

If I did this, erasing a control group, especially with respect to something that had lives on the line – as they are if the blood clotting, enlarged/inflamed hearts, ADE, and other possible side effects are significant – I’d be fired.  Fired in a cold second, told to pack my person effects and GET OUT.  Likely, albeit through untraceable back channels, I’d be blackballed from employment anywhere in the area for such negligence.  (So too would I be fired if I failed to disclose potential side effects to the subjects in the trial.)

Thus we now have no real way to tell if these Jabs have long term negative effects save to compare the Jabbed to those who are not vaccine hesitant, but actually vaccine decided-they-don’t-want-it.  And those are going to be hunted down to extinction to save humanity from a virus that has a 99.something percent chance of survival and for which there are known, effective, and inexpensive treatments that don’t involve synthesized genetic materials being injected into you.



There are reasons why they want to drive this Frankenstein into every arm ranging from simply wanting to eliminate the global control group lest there be effects that become clear before there are no controls left, to the outright evil.  (Aside: Playing the clottery – priceless!)

In the face of over 12,000 deaths just in the US from this stuff reported to VAERS, more than the last 41 years of deaths from non-Covid vaccinations since 1980, Pfizer is racing ahead towards full FDA approval with Fauci flogging his bishop at a flood of local and state mandates to immediately follow.  Don’t forget over 20,000 deaths in Europe from the Jab, and who knows how many elsewhere… or the hundreds of thousands of people who have had non-fatal side effects.

This woman lost her legs after getting Covid days after her second Jab.  Is she alive?  Yes.  But I thought the vaccine protect her, right?  Bueller?  Bueller?



Herd immunity states that individuals in a society with a high group immunity to a pathogen are protected because there are sufficient people who have immunity – whether from naturally-developed resistance or through vaccination – to keep that pathogen from jumping from an infectious person to a susceptible person.

Yet Covid can infect a person who has been double-Jabbed.  That infected person can then pass it to others.  Thus, the Jabs provide no actual benefit vis a vis a herd immunity effect – the claimed goal of Jabbing everyone.   Again, if the Jab doesn’t actually stop the spread then why the manic obsession?  And if there’s even a hint of a concern, and there is, that this non-sterilizing Jab can actually create new variants, shouldn’t this drive people to stop this madness?



Do not take the Jab.  They are neither safe nor, increasingly understood, effective.  This should be revealing; BREAKING: CDC NOT MANDATING ITS EMPLOYEES TO BE VAXED.  And another comment:

And why would they mandate that?

The shot doesn’t work to prevent COVID transmission;

The vaccinated are just as contagious as the unvaccinated;

Vaccine passports based on the jab are pointless, worthless, and stupid;

And even getting the shot doesn’t eliminate the need for masks in public venues.

But they’re still thinking of going for a third dose of the pointless vaxx!!

They can, however, cripple or kill – as is being seen more and more no matter how the enemedia or the pharma companies try to spike it.


Finally, if the covid cult decides to pursue direct force as an option, we must be ready to fight back. Without local organization at minimum, defending ourselves will be difficult or impossible. This means bringing back an old standby of the Founding Fathers: The militia.

Those pushing this need to remember history (image at link).