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Vaccine Deaths Reach 14,506*

It has become a necessary public service to report these crucial facts missing from the daily media. First, many people have been harmed or died after receiving COVID19 vaccines.

A Curious Incuriosity

I’ve discussed the impenetrability of most on the Left to new information on my old blog in a series coining (I think) the term Teflon Intellects.  Alas, that blog is gone for reasons not to be discussed here.

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VAERS-e-Dolts and Jabs-e-Jolts and Vaccines Causes Dies-ies

Here’s a fascinating report you won’t catch in the local “news.” A few days after receiving the second hit from the Pfizer one-two punch (both Jabs!), a woman’s skin began to “rot” off her body from a rare condition known as Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis. 

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The Jab: Criminal-Scale Negligence

I make my living in a STEM field – such has been my one and only career. I have designed and run experimental trials on myriad occasions (one such trial I did resulted in such a detailed report that the compliments for my thoroughness were legion from across the company).