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Vaccine Mandates

Should the Government - Nope

Finding Freedom

My late husband (also an economist) defined government as “the home invasion robbery that never ends” (miss that guy!). His flip description from years back seems painfully accurate today.

Medical socialism vial and syringe - boosters will be required

Vaccine Mandates and the Nationalization of American Health Care

What if you could wave a magic wand (or write a memo) and have a nonexistent government mandate enforced by fearful private sector factions? You get what you want without having to expend any actual political capital, and no one can sue you over it because no existing law or rule exists.

covid19 experimental vaccine vials

To the Merrimack School Board (and others): NO to the Jab!

This is an edited and enhanced version of a handout I created and which was given around at the Merrimack School Board meeting on September 20. I intend to break apart the handout into topical posts (jabs, masks, etc.) while folding in new information as I find it.