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Why Vote Republican?

Why Vote Republican?

Why vote Republican? Well, would you vote for creation of almost 4 million jobs since the last election? Could you support that? Is it a good thing? Okay, the Republicans have got you covered. Jobs Would you vote Republican if you knew more Americans are now employed than ever recorded before in our history? Would …

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Problems? Too Many Jobs… Woe Is Me… The Sky Is Falling…

New Hampshire has one of the best of all economic problems to have. It has very low unemployment. The Granite State has consistently retained its near full employment status. In economics there are micro-economic and macro-economic applications. Microeconomics is the study of economics at an individual, group or company level; it is more about management …

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NH Minimum wage

House Democrats Vote for Fewer Jobs in New Hampshire

The laboratories of the States (and some cities) have proven time and again that politicians are a threat to the job market. Mandatory minimum wages never create more jobs. They result in higher unemployment, fewer hours, higher prices, and less opportunity. Local Democrats have decided they want that for New Hampshire.