Data Point - NH is Back? Or is it? By - Granite Grok

Data Point – NH is Back? Or is it? By


From mid-April:

…The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for March 2021 was 3% — a 0.3% decrease from February, New Hampshire Employment Security reported Tuesday. The March 2020 seasonally adjusted rate was 2.7%.  New Hampshire’s unemployment rate boomed more than 17% last year after the pandemic hit but has since recovered and is now among the lowest in the country.

Excellent numbers especially when 5% used to be considered the actual “full employment” rate meaning that anyone that wanted a job had one.

The only problem I have with the number is that the Federal Government “unemployment kicker” of the $300/week; an incentive to stay on the dole. Biz owners / managers are now kvetching that the Government is their worst enemy in this – why work when you get almost or even more staying home than doing the 40 hours grind.  It was even worse when that kicker was $600/week – several friends that owned businesses said they didn’t have the manpower to stay open – and who can compete with Government when it comes to writing checks?

And yes, that fact that their tax monies were being used against them was not lost on those owners. Once again, Government distorting the Marketplace, pure and simple and easy to see. Yet, it was said to be a “Public Good”???

It’s almost like the Government WANTED them out of business…


(H/T: Union Leader)