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Zandra Rice Hawkins

Democrat City Councilor Decides that Laws are for the Little People

Progressives (and those with something to hide) have got to “Progress.” In this case, Zandra Rice-Hawkins, City Councilor in Concord, and the Exec. Director of the out-of-state-funded Granite State Progress (who seeks to “fundamentally transform” New Hampshire) decided that Laws are for the little people.

Trust in Govt

Blog Question of the Day – Does it?

For Us to Have Faith in Our Government, They Must Also Have Faith in We the People Do you have faith in your government?  Any level at all? And DO you think Government trusts you? Any level at all? (H/T: RedState)  

bloomberg gun control

Big surprise: 2020 Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg hates the Constitution

Specifically the Second Amendment – the Right to keep and bear arms.  For those that keep up with 2A things know that former NYC Mike “No Big Gulps for you!” Bloomberg, you already know that he funds his totally Astroturf’d civilian disarmament groups known as Moms Demand Action and EveryTown for Gun Safety. While he …

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Democrats Believe You Are Too Stupid to Be Trusted With Much of Anything

Democrats demonstrate their lack in trust of you as a fellow citizen with every breath. Their legislative priorities deny you resources. Regulatory endeavors shift decision making from individuals or job creators to bureaucrats. You can’t even lay claim to how you vote; they insist third parties and foreign interlopers manipulated you.

Media Damage

Introduction: The main stream media has been involved in an intentional, coordinated act using partisan group think. It has been selling sensational narratives about a target using convenient facts mixed in. We know they are generating propaganda because we have commonsense and use it. Follow me as we stroll through carnage. Print media: Print media …

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