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And Nashua’s Day Hasn’t Gotten Any Better: Tax Cap Override Back in Play.

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NH State Senator Kevin Avard is working to protect the people from the ravenous Progressive-led Nashua City Hall den of spenders.

This is great news for the little people. Those taxpayers the Democrat/Progressive leaders of Nashua (despite all the rash of platitudes they plant like weeds) really only see them as cash cows. Mayor Donchess is ALWAYS moaning about the City needing more money (hint: cut your losses on that millions-of-overbudget White Elephant you keep calling a performance art house, first. Then perhaps your wailing would go down a couple of notches):

Donchess’ proposed budget is up about 2%. If the cap were to be applied to his proposed spending plan, it would allow for a maximum increase of 1.7%.

I was around for the Laconia Tax Cap effort (it passed!) and in a Letter to the Editor, I rebutted another writer’s plea (paraphrased because I can’t find the post) to “trust the politicians instead of a tax cap.”

My retort was that if people are working to enact a tax cap, you’ve already lost that Trust. And then Nashua had its Tax Cap busted in court a while ago. And now it’s back:

Some city officials are voicing frustration and discontent over an effort to save Nashua’s spending cap, arguing a bill that was approved by the House of Representatives last week placed a bullseye on the Gate City. “I am very disgusted. It has to go down in my 14 years in the State House as one of the most disgusting things,” said state Rep. Michael O’Brien, also a Nashua alderman. “ … It was a very shameful moment for bipartisan politics.” Sen. Kevin Avard sponsored Senate Bill 52, which requires city charter exclusions and ordinances that allow for an override of a spending cap to require a supermajority vote. Nashua’s spending cap was previously deemed unenforceable by the courts because it does not contain an override provision.

The new bill, however, essentially fixes the loophole in the law and allows the previous adoption of Nashua’s spending cap to resume, which Avard said is still the will of the people.

He’s right – there has never been a vote on repealing it on the ballot – just pushing to have the “Democrat Legislature” (formerly called a Court) do their work for them. Why else do they run to a friendly judge to have favorable decisions meted out for issues they can’t win in the normal legislative fashion?

Of course, O’Brien yelped. How often have Democrats voted to REDUCE the power of Government??? And all of the other Democrats voted along with him:

Every state representative in Nashua voted against the bill on Friday — legislation that was kept alive when Speaker Sherman Packard created a 186-186 tie, which is “absolutely unheard of,” said state Rep. Patricia Klee, also a Nashua alderman; the bill went on to receive approval and is awaiting signing by Gov. Chris Sununu. “This should not have been fixed in Concord. It should have been fixed here in Nashua,” said Klee, claiming the bill was specifically targeting the city. “What I have an issue with is that this is a bill that solely bullseyed Nashua, nobody else, no other communities,” echoed O’Brien. “They all have override provisions in their charters, Nashua does not.”

Former alderman Fred Teeboom disagrees, saying the legislation does not target Nashua, but protects caps in place within eight cities and towns in New Hampshire. In addition, the bill reclaims the desire from Nashua voters to have a spending cap in place, he added. “The cap is back,” Teeboom said on Wednesday, expressing his delight in a successful fight to restore Nashua’s spending cap — a fight that he has been leading since 2017.

Donchess disagrees, saying Tuesday that the Legislature enacted a special bill applying only to Nashua — reinstating the cap even though it is not consistent with the state law that applies to all other cities. “The irony is the state hits us, or makes the budget go up, and then says there should be a cap on it,” said Donchess.

Hey, Donchess, perhaps you should have a talk with your fellow Democrats in the NH House and Senate and tell them to knock it off with raising the State budget so often! Wouldn’t that make a whole lotta sense? After all, the monies you’re spending on that former Alec Shoe building would easily pay for your heightened pension costs.

Costs you keep padding in payroll dollars at higher and higher costs, so of COURSE, pension cost is going up.

How about this – get your Democrat Reps to put in a system like we have here in the private sector – 401(k) type systems where the person is responsible and NOT the Government to pay for, eh?

The most important thing that this story shows is this – there is not much about Local Control here in NH. ALL political entities (Cities, towns, school districts, water districts, and the like) are mere subdivisions of the State. They can do NOTHING without explicit NH RSAs authorizing certain behaviors and financial matters.

Donchess, you’re on the State’s leash just like everyone else. So you and your Dem Reps, because we are a Dillon’s Rule state vs a Home Rule one, are spitting into the wind complaining that the State is picking on you. The State and will.

But just like Jesse Neumann, if the City of Nashua hadn’t decided that it needed to override its electorate in overriding the Tax Cap, you wouldn’t be in this pickle and the Legislature’s Big Flashlight on you. You did a run-around what the People passed so you have no basis to complain when the People elected someone to put it back.

Karma – in spades, well deserved.

(H/T: Union Leader)