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What if Trump Wins?

What if Trump Wins? … Prosperity Returns

America is at a crossroads. Most people recognize there is revolution at our doorstep. On one side are the Patriots. They are people seeking to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. They are conservatives and classic liberals. This group will vote for Trump.

One America, Two Perspectives

One America, Two Perceptions

Many are calling the upcoming election the most important in our history.  The two presidential candidates in this election clearly have diametrically opposing views of our country, the problems we face, and the solutions they offer.

Twitter Jail

What Is Your Back-Up Plan For Big Tech’s Election Night Trump-Blackout?

This: Needless to say, what Twitter means by “premature claims of victory” are President Trump, his campaign and his supporters declaring that Trump has won enough States to win the electoral college or that Trump has won this State or that State. And, needless to say, the reason for the censorship is that the Left …

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Generousity changes everything

A Generous Man

1) In 1986 a farmer, Lenard Hill, took his own life on the morning his farm was to go to a courthouse auction, believing that his life insurance would pay enough to save the cotton and soybean plantation that had been in his family for more than 100 years.

Race relations

Debate Night for the VP’s … the Virus

If you did not watch debate night for the VP’s this time you missed something. The debate was a better articulation of the Harris-Biden position than Joe was able to present. The interaction was more professional than the first Presidential debate. There did seem to be a clear winner.


Notable Quote – Trump Is the Best Stand-up Comedian Ever

“Now, she also said earlier that Trump had no sense of humor, therefore it couldn’t be a joke. To which I pointed out that he is the most successful stand-up comedian in the history of humanity. His rallies with gigantic audiences are literally stand-up comedy.