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Even “The Dude” is getting in on the quid quo pro game

I just don’t understand how Biden’s self-admission ON VIDEO of withholding $1 billion from Ukraine if the state prosecutor that was investigating his son (Hunter) wasn’t fired (“son of a b****, he got fired!”) just hasn’t gotten much play.

Trump Ford Truck Parody Screen Grab

President Trump Sets Another Record

President Trump’s economy is impressive. Record employment for minorities. Record wage growth, especially among lower and middle-class workers. All great things created by tax cuts and trade policy and deregulation. But he’s got another record about which to crow.

Not a wall vs a Wall

DHS Trolls Media On 100 Miles Of New Border Wall

In a perfect world you, whomever you are, can drive the news cycle. Donald Trump is better at it than anyone. That includes setting them up to drive the news cycle. You say something. The knee-jerk left says the opposite. You make them look like a fool.