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The Feds should never have been in our toilets and showers anyways

Back in August / September, I blogged about a TreeHugger post “Good News for the Rich: Their Fancy Showers Can Waste More Water” in that head honcho Lloyd was some upset that the Trump Administration was going to do what the Left said they wanted Government to do about bedrooms (at least for years and …

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Donald Trump’s Impossible Dreams

The blind hatred that consumes President Trump’s enemies is reflected in their poisonous rhetoric, which long ago exceeded inflammatory.  It’s become utterly insane.  They’ve labeled the president a white supremacist, a racist, a fascist, a tyrant, and even a traitor.

Peaches - Georgia

Georgia Backtracks on Certifying Election Results

Rumors that Georgia has certified its recount results are (apparently) greatly exaggerated. Yes, they did come out and say, Georgia is for Joe, but then they came back and said, wait a minute, no it’s not. Not yet. Maybe. Um…what the heck is going on down there with the peaches?

Massive Pro-Trump March in DC and a Smaller One Closer to Home

Reporting yesterday’s rally and march, the Epoch Times leads with “Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country joined a peaceful rally on Nov. 14 in the nation’s capital.” The Local paper, the Union Leader, has the Reuters story that leads with “Thousands.”