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The problem isn’t Gun control, it is SELF-control

Again, the chasm between the Left and the Right on this issue is enormous. It can’t and won’t be solved until the root problem is finally admitted to, recognized, and acknowledged. But, I fear, it won’t because it really isn’t about Gun control as the Left is yammering.

AF Branco Dem Dumpster Fire

The Democrat Dumpster Fire In Pictures

The Democrat primary process has been cartoonist fodder like we’ve rarely seen, with an actual communist leading the pack of deranged leftists and a real plutocrat (or as Bernie would say, Awligawk) trying to buy his way to the top of the heap. Cartoons from and

Happy It’s An Election Year?

Happy It’s An Election Year?

Happy New Year; are you happy it’s an election year? The Democrats have saddled themselves with an impeachment. Saddled fits because of its extremely partisan nature. It was from inception born of hate and lies. The Democrat primary debates, sans American flags, are still going on. Their audience is the most limited in history.


7 out of 10 Voters Believe in America First

I’ll close out my blogging day with a bit of bad news for Democrats. A recent poll found that 70% of those asked were America-First voters. That the United States needs to take care of its business before everyone else.

Trump smiling

Blogline of the Day -“washed up and pathetic”

 “Listening to Trump’s pitch, I felt it was so upbeat, so admiring and praising of people who usually hear that they’re washed up and pathetic.” And the Democrats are openly derisive of us, too.  While Obama (“bitter clingers”) and Hillary (“deplorables, irredeemables”) openly called we who oppose them  politically and culturally, many don’t SAY it …

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university-of-vermont - free college

Vermont Legislature Wants Taxpayer Funded “Free” College Education

It is the sign of a weak mind to immediately assume that a problem, real or imagined, is due to inadequate government funding. It is also the sign of a socialist or a Democrat. And since we’re talking about that state to the left of New Hampshire, this begins to make whatever passes for sense in the People’s …

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Govt shutdown sleeping like a baby


All we hear from the “Government Firsters” is that this 25% shutdown is such a horrible situation (e.g., US Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan) – “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!”). Complete nonsense and rubbish.  What this DOES highlight, once again, of how much beyond its Congressional mandates it has grown and taken Powers away from …

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