Progressives deny that ACTUAL Reality exist - some sorta "Social Construct". They won't face it but will force the rest of us to do so. - Granite Grok

Progressives deny that ACTUAL Reality exist – some sorta “Social Construct”. They won’t face it but will force the rest of us to do so.

Ayn Rand - consequences of ignoring reality

I’m lifting this almost completely from DCE at Weekend Pundit from a post in which he put up a video from Bill Whittle and Alfonso Rich talking about reality and that Progressives constantly ignore it. It’s almost as if they are in their own world (even if it takes a century for the bad stuff to finally hit them in Progressives’ faces). Emphasis mine:

Speaking of reality, Bill Whittle and Zo Rachel delve into reality and the realities Progressives in this country will soon be confronting whether they want to or not.

As many of the Progressives in the Blue cities will find out, reality doesn’t care what they think or believe. To paraphrase Daniel Patrick Moynihan:

“They are entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts.”

They also aren’t entitled to their own ‘truths’ when those truths do not reflect reality.

As one commenter to this video wrote:

“Victor Davis Hanson often points out that those who are the most self reliant are the ones who are most grounded. They have to take care of themselves, have higher self esteem, and know best how to handle personal failure with personal accountability.”

Too many of the Progressives I deal with on a regular basis have few of those qualities. But they do have a lot of ignorant, close-minded, and intolerant opinions about everything and everyone “not them”. One has to wonder how they will react when reality finally gives them a Gibbs-slap to the back of the head, something I believe may happen sooner rather than later.

The Left’s inhabitants are always yammering about their “lived experience” and their “Truth” and expect us to absorb it uncritically. Yet, if we say anything to the contrary in that OUR history and living actual Reality, we get faced with screaming children saying that ours are not worth anything (sound familiar about a certain Berni-Bro commenter that inhabits GraniteGrok?). They ARE intolerant of other peoples’ opinions. And, like Whittle points out, they get worse the further they get from the “supply chains” that allow them to live their lives. They have NO idea how complicated much of supply chain actually is (insert joke about “why do you hunt – you can just buy your meat at the grocery store” here). “I, Pencil” is a great example on how complicated even the most simple, mundane thing is to appear in the local store.

They ARE unconnected from Reality and don’t understand that when you start changing things, WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE CHANGING, the rest of us suffer. But, like I’ve said before, Progressive/Socialists believe their good intentions in evolving everything should never suffer a consequence in its failure.

They ignore Venezuela. They now are ignoring Cuba – Biden’s version of Obama’s Iran; both are siding with the oppressive regimes (one a true Theocracy and the other a true Communist system) over those who waved American Flags and shouted “FREEDOM” like the Hong Kongers did.

We aren’t and nor should we be the World’s cop but our leaders SHOULD be assisting those that look to us in obtaining that universal sense of Liberty.  The Left sides with these Oppressors; yet look what they are doing with CRT now.

Are we to end up as those Cubans, those Hong-Kongers, those Iranians and finally have to fight our own Government that has all but taken over by Progressives/Socialists?