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You Should Gab, Not Tweet

While I have not deleted my Twitter account, I refuse to tweet because of the censorship of President Trump and the election interference. Freedom of Speech is more than just the First Amendment’s prohibition of government censorship. It is a value. An American value.

Big tech control and your freedom

Twitter Censorship … How Should we Respond?

Jack Dorsey and other technology executives spoke Wednesday on their moderation practices. They appeared before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. The testimony comes following Twitter’s decision to suspend the New York Post from its platform.

It is Time for Social Media Regulation?

Way back in 2017 (it seems almost ancient history now) I wrote this “editorial” for another blog.  I don’t claim to be prescient, but it was obvious even back then that “social media platforms” were out of control.

GrokTV is now Available on LBRY

If you are on LBRY, we have an announcement. GraniteGrok now has a channel on LBRY called GrokTV. If you’d be so kind as to find it and follow it, we’d appreciate that.