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Beginning Today You Can Find ‘Grok Content on logo

At the reader’s suggestion – we talked at the GrokMeet in Rochester, I set up an account on  As the guy who signs up, manages and delivers content to all of our Social Media platforms, I figured, why not.

But what is it?


To better understand Locals, think of it as an intersection of Patreon, YouTube, and social media, or as Rubin calls it, “digital homes for creators.” To participate, content creators with some established following buy into Locals, which works with them to develop a website or app — depending upon needs and objectives — allowing each creator to operate their own personal website and community of followers and crowd-funders.


I confess that I am just there to share our content and build another audience for the moment. I will not have time to explore the revenue building (subscription services, etc.). Still, the confluence of platforms in this environment intrigues me, and our adoption may encourage readers to take it up and use it to its full potential.

And then maybe they can teach or encourage me to explore that potential as well.

If you are on already, you can find us here.

You can also find, view, and share ‘Grok content on Parler,  MeWe,  Minds, Gab, Twitter, Codias, Telegram, and Facebook.